DC apostille verification
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DC apostille verification (free service)

verifiy dc apostille

The Office of Notary Commissions and Authentications (ONCA) in Washington DC does not verify apostilles or foreign certificates. 

However, you can email a copy of your apostille / foreign certificate to us, and we will advise if the document looks authentic. 

Please note that this check does not provide information about the document that was apostilled / authenticated, it provides only the confirmation that a certain apostille / foreign certificate looks authentic, and that all information and security features are standard for a DC apostille or foreign certificate.

The response to your inquiry might look like this:

 The document looks authentic. Please note that District Columbia uses special security paper for apostilles and foreign certificates. It is called Kan't Kopy K1 Security Paper. Some of the features of this security paper are hidden pantograph, artificial watermark, and anti-copy coin rub. When copied, the word "void" appears. It does not show on the original apostilles. On the back of all DC apostilles you will see several watermarks listing all security features of Kan't Kopy K1. DC apostille is a separate page attached to the document by two staples. As required by the Hague convention, each apostille has the title "Apostille", the reference to the Hague Convention, and the following ten items: (1) country where the apostille is being issued ("United States of America"); (2) name of the oficial whose signature is being certified by the apostille; (3) the position and capacity of this official; (4) name of the seal on the attached document; (5) name of the city where the apostille is being issued; (6) the date; (7) position of the oficial who signed the apostille; (8) consecutive number of the apostille; (9) the seal of the DC Secretary of State, this seal is gold; (10) signature. Here is an image of a DC apostille.

We process requests manually,  therefore you will get the response within 24-hours.

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