Verification of NY Apostille



question answerIn the state of New York you can verify whether an Apostille or Certificate of authentication was issued by the Office of the New York Secretary of State. This service is available for apostilles and certificates issued after April 9, 2013. This service is free!

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We can verify your New York apostille / authentication certificate. It is free!

new york apostille verifyWe will ask you to provide:

Document number: The Document number for an Apostille is located in Section 8. The Document number for a Certificate of Authentication is the first series of numbers located in the lower left corner.

Issue date: The Issue date for an Apostille is in section 6 of the Apostille. The Issue date for a Certificate of Authentication is directly above the signature. (please note that we can only verify apostilles / certificates of authentication issued after April 9, 2013.

If your apostille / certificate was in fact issued by the State of New York, the response to your inquiry will look like this

Verified: The New York State Secretary of State’s Office issued Apostille Number 632426 on Monday, August 8, 2016 under the signature of Whitney A. Clark, Special Deputy Secretary of State. The Apostille authenticated a public document signed by Milton A. Tingling acting in the capacity of County Clerk of the county of New York.

The response will not include the description of the document that was apostilled or authenticated.


Apostilles in some state and federal agencies are still being processed with delays. Please contact us for processing times. 

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Our guarantee: if we are not able to apostille your document(s), we will issue a 100% refund.

We process documents for all countries. 

We process documents from all 50 U.S. States (apostilles and certifications), the U.S. Department of State in Washington DC (federal apostilles and certifications), and all foreign embassies/consulates.


Foreign Documents Express is a registered service provider with the Secretary of State - authentications, Hague apostilles, and certification.

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You can call us at (646) 267-1140 with any questions about apostille process. We are available Monday - Sunday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. to answer your questions. You can also fax or email copies of your documents for a free evaluation. We will advise if your documents qualify for apostilles and, if not, what steps need to be taken.

Processing times differ depending on nature of your documents. In each case will provide the time estimate, and will do our best to meet the deadline.

Delivery by USPS Priority mail (within the U.S.) is included in the price. FedEx (2nd day, within the U.S.): $20, FedEx (standard overnight): $30. We ship internationally. FedEx International to most countries is $75 (FedEx to Eastern Europe and South America is $115).

Apostilles and embassy legalization procedures are not complicated if you entrust your documents to legalization experts who know the requirements of U.S. apostille agencies, foreign consulates and embassies and the requirements of the receiving organizations in foreign countries.