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Do you need a Hague apostille for a document issued in New Mexico? New Mexico apostille is a seal that will make your New Mexico document valid outside the United States.

We provide FAST and RELIABLE apostille services in the State of New Mexico for all kinds of documents, both personal and corporate. We can also obtain many kinds of documents from New Mexico state agencies, including certified copies of vital records, court judgments, corporate documents, etc. Please contact us.

New Mexico apostille guidelines:

The following documents qualify for New Mexico apostilles:

apostille acceptable notarized by notaries public qualified in the State of New Mexico
apostille acceptable issued and certified New Mexico County Clerks
apostille acceptable signed by New Mexico State Registrar of Vital Records
apostille acceptable issued County Clerk Recorders
apostille acceptable documents signed by New Mexico Secretary of State
How to apostille

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Need to obtain a personal or a corporate document from the State of New Mexico? We can help! Please contact us.

New Mexico apostille: price, processing time, order form:


New Mexico apostille price and processing time

New Mexico apostille: $175 
Processing time: app. 2 weeks + mail
Embassy legalization: $375 (most embassies)
Processing time: depends on the embassy
USPS Priority mail within the U.S.: free
FedEx 2nd day within the U.S.: $20
FedEx standard overnight within the U.S.: $30
Fedex International, most countries: $75
FedEx to Eastern Europe, South America, Africa: $115

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New Mexico apostille tips:

tip 2

Birth and death certificates should be issued by the State registrar of vital records.
tip 2Marriage certificates should be issued by the Office of the County Clerk.
tip 2Divorce judgments should be issued by the District Court in the county where the divorce was filed.
tip 2School transcripts and diplomas - must be issued by the school registrar and notarized. If you are not able to get a certified and notarised copy, please check our 24-hour apostille service.
tip 2 Certified copies of corporate documents issued by New Mexico Secretary of State must have the "Certificate of Comparison". 

dateUPDATED JUNE 22, 2022

new mexico apostille sealNew Mexico apostilles are issued by the Office of New Mexico Secretary of State.

You will see this seal on all New Mexico apostilles no matter what kind of document an apostille authenticates (including New Mexico birth, death, marriage, divorce certificates, court judgments, personal and corporate powers of attorney, consents, criminal records, parents' consents for minor children travel, corporate documents, including resolutions, minutes, bylaws, articles of incorporation, certificates of goodstanding, etc. )

An apostille is attached to a notarized original document or a certified recorded instrument.  For documents that are notarized, the apostille verifies that the person who notarized the document was appointed to a notary public commission in New Mexico at the time of the notarization.  For certified recorded instruments issued by government agencies, the apostille verifies that the person who certified the document was an appointed or elected official in New Mexico at the time of the certification.  Examples of public documents include birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, and school transcripts.

new mexico apostille 2022


In New Mexico, as in all states of the United States of America, an apostille is a separate page attached to the document. As required by the Hague convention, each apostille has the title "Apostille", the reference to the Hague Convention, and the following ten items: (1) country where the apostille is being issued ("United States of America"); (2) name of the official whose signature is being certified by an apostille, in the image above it is the name of the Secretary of State, who certified the document that was apostilled; (3) the position or capacity of this official ("Secretary of State, State of New Mexico"); (4) name of of the seal on the attached document ("State of New Mexico"), (5) name of the city and state where the apostille was issued ("Santa Fe, New Mexico"); (6) the date when the apostille is being issued; (7) position of the official person who signed the apostille ("Secretary of State or Deputy Secretary of State, State of New Mexico"; (8) consecutive number of the apostille; (9) the seal of the apostille issuing agency (Great Seal of the State of New Mexico, this seal is brown); (10) signature.  Apostilles are attached to the document by a grommet.

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Our New Mexico apostille guarantees:

Not many companies provide this guarantee but we do: if, for some reason, your documents are rejected by the State of New Mexico after we assured you that they are acceptable, we will issue a 100% refund, no questions asked. We do not keep any service fees.

We apostille many kinds of documents from New Mexico and from all other U.S. states. The most common documents we process for NM apostilles and foreign embassies are New Mexico birth, marriage, death certificates, divorce records, single status affidavits, criminal records, diplomas and transcripts, corporate documents including articles of incorporation, certificates fo good standing, bylaws and llc agreements, powers of attorney, minutes, resolutions, and many more.

Processing times differ depending on nature of your documents. In each case will provide the time estimate, and will do our best to meet the deadline.

We process New Mexico documents for ALL foreign countries.