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Getting Married in Algeria


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Before the Wedding

Algerian wedding traditions are based on Muslim law. There are certain rules that must be followed. According to the Koran, marriage is a very serious act, and is more a family oriented act than a private one. Men and women are permitted to marry whomever they want as long as the mate is approved by the family.

Typically, the man will tell his mother that he wants to marry a certain woman. The mother will then set about investigating the woman and her family. If all meets with approval, the man and woman’s fathers will negotiate the marriage. After this is settled, the engagement is official and preparations are made.

From the time of the engagement, there are many preparations. The family will purchase household goods, cloths and gold. This is called a shoura, and is given to the betrothed couple as a way to help them start their married life.

The couple will spend much time together getting to know each other. This is important, as by Islamic law decisions are made jointly by the husband and wife. By getting to know each other, they become acquainted as to what the role of each will be in the marriage, as well as the viewpoints that they have.

necklacesRequired Documents

Both bride and groom will require the following:

  • Medical certificates (Forms will be available at the Mairie)
  • Authorization from the Wilaya ie Prefecture (Bureaux des etrangers ie Foreigners office, address below for Algiers) where you reside.Be aware that your fiancè will need to go in person at the information desk to get more details as information will not be given by telephone.

Wilaya of Algiers:
Address: : 20 Boulevard Zirout Youcef,Algiers (Next to Essafir Hotel) Bureau Des Etrangers.
Hours: Saturday to Wednesday from 9.00 am to 11.30 am
Tel: 021 73 00 73

You must have resided in Algeria for at least 21 days before notice of intention to marry is given (stamp on passport or flight ticket as evidence)


Personal Documents