CA apostille verification
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California apostille verification (free service)

verify california apostille

The California Secretary of State allows you to verify whether an apostille or authentication certificate was issued by the CA Secretary of State office. This service is available for apostilles / authentication certificates issued after January 1, 2017.

Here you can check the authenticity of a California apostille / authentication certificate.

Please note that the authenticity check does not provide information about the document that was apostilled / authenticated, it provides only the information that a certain apostille / authentication certificate was issued on a certain date, and what signature was authenticated.

The response to your inquiry will look like this:


      Apostille Number:      97320
     Issue Date:      March 05, 2020
     Name:      Regina Alcomendras
     Title:      County Clerk-Recorder, County of Santa Clara
     If this does not match the information on the Apostille you have, do not accept it.  


 We verify all apostilles / authentication certificates manually,  therefore you will get the response within 24-hours.

To verify your CA Apostille / authentication certificate, please complete the form below:





*Required information.