Can a New Jersey apostille be verified?


JUNE 29, 2017

question answerIn the state of New Jersey you can verify whether an Apostille or Certificate of authentication was issued by the Office of the New Jersey State Treasurer. This service is available for apostilles and certificates that contain a validation number under the printed seal of the State of New Jersey. This service is not available for any apostilles or certificates which contain a gold embossed seal.  

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We can verify your New Jersey apostille / authentication certificate. It is free!

apostille new jersey 2017 2We will ask you to provide:

  • Certificate number (not the same as Apostille No in Section 8!) The Certificate number is located in the bottom left corner of an apostille. Only apostilles and certifications with color Seal of the State of New Jersey have Certificate number. Old apostilles with gold embossed seal do not have them, and cannot be verified.



If your apostille / certificate was in fact issued by the State of New Jersey, the response to your inquiry will look like this

The certificate number you entered is valid. An Apostille for Notary Request number 604936 was issued on 03/07/2017 under certificate number 139439641.

The response will not include the description of the document that was apostilled or authenticated.